What is the Middle Tn Selfie Photo Booth?

The Middle Tn Selfie Photo Booth, also known as a Selfie Station, is a top of the line modern photo booth with more capabilities than anything currently in the market.  It is an open air photo booth so your guests are not squished and others can see the fun.  The easy to operate Middle TN Selfie Photo Booth takes high quality pictures using a professional DSLR camera, then guests can edit and personalize photos using the 32-inch interactive touchscreen. Your guests will have fun taking their selfies and spreading the cheer via print, text, email, or social media uploads!  Please visit the Features page to learn more about our Middle TN Selfie Photo Booth.

What kind of events do you do?

Our Middle TN Selfie Photo Booth is sure to be the life of ANY party. Whether you are celebrating or marketing, Middle TN Selfie will be there! Middle TN Selfie Photo Booth provides loads of entertainment and networking opportunities and is a hit at weddings, anniversaries, birthdays (all ages!), holiday parties, bridal showers, baby showers, graduations, school events, community events, grand openings, fundraisers, corporate events, tradeshows, and more!

Middle TN Selfie also offers a Virtual Photo Booth as an addition to your event, alongside the on-site photo booth. It is also good for those who are not located in our service area. We can offer this Virtual Photo Booth all over the country! The Virtual Photo Booth may be a better fit for your budget, as it is a very cost-effective solution, or depending on the venue of your event, the on-site photo booth may have a larger footprint than available. Please call for more detail.

How does it work?

Grab a prop & strike a pose…the Middle TN Selfie Photo Booth will do the rest! Using the sleek and easy touchscreen you can Print, Email, Text, Tweet or Facebook instantly! It’s quick, easy and fun! A Middle TN Selfie Photo Booth professional attendant will also be there the entire time to help your guests operate and enjoy the photobooth!

If you choose to purchase our Virtual Photo Booth for your event, text your selfie or group photos to a dedicated phone number and our friends at Middle TN Selfie Photo Booth will frame it with your own graphics and text it back to you within a few minutes. This dedicated phone number will be open for an agreed upon amount of time with Middle TN Selfie and the client.

See our Features page for more info.

How does the green-screen work?

Using a Chroma-key green backdrop, our machine instantly replaces the green with a digital background of your choice.  Your guests can choose from several different backdrops using the touch-screen kiosk.  We will work together before your event to choose up to 6 backdrops that will go perfectly with your theme, or design a custom Step and Repeat digital background showcasing your logos, monograms or text.   This is a great way to incorporate a party theme or market your brand.  Please note, if your guests are wearing anything green, it will blend in with the background (sometimes guests have fun with this!).

There is an additional fee to include Green Screen backgrounds for our Virtual Photo Booth.

Does the photo booth print pictures on the spot?

Yes! The Middle TN Selfie Photo Booth printer is super-fast. It prints and cuts high quality photos in seconds! Please see our Features and Pricing pages for more info.

There is an additional fee to include on-site printing for our Virtual Photo Booth. However, on-site printing is not available for all locations, but we can print from our home office and ship them to you for an additional fee. We can also create a fun album for you to cherish these memories!

Do we have a limit on taking pictures?
Absolutely not!  All of our rental packages include UNLIMITED Pictures and Video!  You and your guests can take pictures and share via text, email, Facebook and Twitter as many times as humanly possible during the event!
Can I bring my own props?
Absolutely!  Fun party props are included with all of our rental packages, but please feel free to bring your own!
Can you have different backgrounds/backdrops, or can I bring my own?

Yes! You can choose one of our backdrops: White, Black, or customized Green Screen. The Middle TN Selfie Photo Booth can also take pictures with or without a backdrop, so if there is something cool in the background let that be your backdrop! You can even bring your own printed or hand-made backdrop (i.e. fringe, streamers, balloons, bunting, etc.)! An 8ft by 8ft backdrop works best. If you want more than one backdrop, we recommend our Green Screen option which allows your guests to choose up to 6 different photo backgrounds! Please see our Pricing page for more information.

There is an additional fee to include Green Screen backgrounds for our Virtual Photo Booth.

Can your photo booth be customized for my event?
Of course!  We can create custom layouts and frames for your photos.  You can also add logos, monograms, hashtags, messages, dates and more to your pictures.  The Middle TN Selfie Photo Booth machine can also be branded with your logo, monogram or custom message for instant visibility.  Please see our Pricing page for more information.
Can the booth be used outdoors in open sunlight?

Yes! Weather permitting (rain or extreme heat/cold), our photo booth can be used indoors or outdoors. Your Middle TN Selfie Photo Booth rental also includes our premium lighting kit which will adjust to any direct sunlight or dim lighting issues, ensuring high quality professional photos every time!

Can I have extra copies of the photos after the event?

We will send you a photo link with all your pictures and they are yours to print or do with as you please!

Do you charge extra for delivery of your photo booth?
Delivery, setup and breakdown are included with your rental.  All you will need to provide is approximately a 10ft long x 10ft wide x 10ft high space for set up. We will arrive about an hour ahead of your event time to set up and will breakdown immediately after the event time.  If the event location is more than 35 miles from 37167 or you need us to set up early, additional fees may apply. Please see our Pricing page for more info.  Please note, the photo booth machine can not be taken up any stairs (must have ramp/elevator available).
Do I need to provide a table or linens for the photo booth?
Middle Tn Selfie Photo Booth will bring our own 6 foot table with black linen for the fun party props, printer and scrapbook/guestbook (if applicable).  If you would like a different color linen or table size, this will need to be provided to us by you or the venue/caterer.
Does the photo booth need to be plugged in?
Yes, we must have access to a free power source (110V, 20 amps, and 3-prong outlet), preferably within 3 feet of the setup area.  Extension cords may be needed, but not recommended due to potential tripping hazards.
Do I need to provide Wi-Fi?

Most venues provide free access to their Wi-Fi. If you plan to upload, email, or text pictures, a WiFi connection will be required. If your event is in a location without WiFi, you can add on our WiFi Hot Spot for only $50.00. If for any reason we still cannot connect to the internet, all of emails and text messages will be sent as soon as the internet connection is restored, usually back at our home office the following day.

Our Virtual Photo Booth does not require you to have Wi-Fi since the text messages work from each guest’s cell phone plan to send/receive text messages with photos attached.

I’m ready to book the Middle TN Selfie Photo Booth, when do I have to pay?
We require a signed contract and a $200 deposit. The final payment is due thirty (30) days prior to your event.
What if I have more questions?
We are available to answer all of your questions via phone or text to (615) 603-4269, email at info@middletnselfie.com, or you can Contact Us through the website.  You can also check us out on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for the latest pictures, specials, tips, ideas, and more!
Do you have any suggestions on how to get the most out of Middle TN Selfie?

Based on the event and venue, place the station near a popular area, such as the bar or dance floor. Also, we suggest you let all your guests know that the photo booth is available to them free of charge!

What if we lose a print?
No need to worry! At the end of your event, you will be handed a USB Flash Drive will all your photos from your event!
Can we regulate how often people visit the Middle TN Selfie station?
Yes! Prior to your event, we will have to come up with a plan if you think this may be a problem. This is commonly considered when lots of kids are at the event, as they tend to LOVE the station.
What If I need to cancel or change dates?

If Client cancels this Agreement thirty (30) or more days before the Event then a full refund will be granted. If Client cancels this Agreement less than thirty (30) days but more than twenty-one (21) days before the Event date, Client shall forfeit the entire Deposit of $200. If Client cancels the Agreement less than twenty-one (21) days but more than seven (7) days, Middle TN Selfie will apply your total payment to any future date within one year from the original scheduled event.  If Client cancels this Agreement less than seven (7) days before the Event date, Client shall forfeit the entire Deposit of $200 plus total cost paid.